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Sean Preston 

Selecting the right tutor is an important choice to make - does the tutor teach the subject? Are they an examiner in that subject? How experienced are they? These are the questions I ask when I look for support for my own children.

Please have a quick read of my background and the testimonials provided by parents. Feel free to contact if you think that I can provide you with support.

I have taught Economics and Business Studies at both GCSE and A-Level for 23 years within the state sector, holding a range of positions: Head of Department, Head of Sixth Form, Assistant Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher and Acting Headteacher.

For 22 of those years I have examined in both subjects for UK & International examination boards at a senior level. This includes the International Economics papers for students who study the subject around the world and the Singapore A-Level papers - set solely for students of that country.

I have delivered training to teachers on behalf on behalf of examination boards and asked to support schools develop their teaching of the subject.

Before training to teach, I worked within the UK Government Economic Service and a City of London Investment firm.

I have Qualified Teacher Status and hold an up to date fully enhanced DBS certificate



I use a web-based ‘collaborative whiteboard application’ as my principal teaching forum (in layman’s terms this is a screen-sharing tool designed specifically for online tuition, and because it is web-based there is no software to install); I can share my screen with the student and we can both can draw and write together at the same time, each seeing what the other is doing.

In this way it is possible to share worksheets and exam questions, and for my student to respond live on the screen (just as effectively as using pen and paper together in the same room!), thus benefitting from a proper interactive tutorial.

And, all at the same time, we can talk live, face-to-face, via a video link!

On top of that, students can access the online tutorial platform at any time to review the work completed, attempt ‘homework’ exercises, and even to download and print the material covered

– it really does offer all of the benefits of traditional tutorials and much more besides!



Please take a moment to read a sample of what students and families I have supported have said.


“ I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful work that you have been doing with O for the last couple of months. Your organised approach, combined with your evident knowledge has brought back the confidence for the subject in O. I have often overheard you motivating her ever so gently to stretch herself and honestly, that works. ”

Samhita G

“ Mr Preston tutored my son A for approximately 10 months following his examinations in the Lower Sixth. As a consequence, he was able to raise his grade from a middling C to a grade A. That allowed him to gain a place at his first-choice University where he read Business and French. He has since gone on to work for a number of multinational companies, and is now living with his family in Geneva and is employed at CERN. Without Mr Preston's help both A and I are sure the outcome would not have been so positive. Sean was able to both guide and inspire my son in his studies. He showed a wealth of knowledge of the subject and, more importantly, focused expertly on examination technique. I have great pleasure in recommending him as a tutor and mentor for any Economics student. ”

Ray H

“ I was struggling with my economics A level, but after a few lessons with Sean I can already see the difference in my grades and quality of writing - saying that, I noticed the change almost immediately after the first! Sean excels at explaining advanced concepts in concise, digestible ways which bring absolute clarity to the topic in question, and really goes above and beyond in helping you understand the principles behind economic mechanisms. If you need a tutor, I couldn't recommend him enough. ”

Joe P

”Sean was a great tutor who made me feel extremely comfortable when learning and very confident for my exams.He used different teaching techniques to the ways I felt best suited myself.Sean was a huge reason as to why I went from a C in my Y12 mocks to an A in my A level"

Fin L

“ I just wanted to thank you for introducing me to Sean, as my Economics tutor. I found the lessons really engaging and interesting and would definitely recommend to my friends. He made me fall in love with Economics more than I already do. I will certainly miss my lessons with Sean and Economics A level. It has always been my favourite subject and always will be. Hope you have a fabulous summer holiday!"

Natalie L

“ Sean is an amazing tutor! My daughter R achieved a grade B, this wouldn’t have been possible without Sean’s help."

Lesley C

“ J has his last lesson with Sean this evening. He has been amazing, not only in his tutorials, but also in supporting J in a much more holistic way. We are a huge advocate of all that he has done. ”

Maggs R

“ Sean tutored my son J on a private basis. He was reliable, efficient and planned engaging and productive sessions. Sean developed a really strong rapport with J who greatly enjoyed his teaching style and methods. He was particularly adept at breaking down the more complex concepts into bite sized pieces. The specific challenge that faced Sean with J was that he was wanting to gain an A*, however was targeted a B. He contributed greatly to the A* that J did achieve through high order questioning and excellent guidance on exam preparation and technique. Sean was able to really develop J's' skills of extraction, simplification, analysis and evaluation. Not only did J achieve an A* he also gained the top mark within his cohort - again something that I put down to Sean's excellent tutoring. I would have no hesitation in recommending a superb, diligent and committed tutor to you. ”

Belinda H

“ Sean helped my daughters through their AS level Economics and has been a brilliant tutor. He is very good at explaining difficult concepts and is highly knowledgeable of all areas of economics. By making extensive use of exam questions as a teaching tool he rapidly assesses understanding of a given topic, and addresses any areas of difficulty. Tutorials are therefore individually tailored. He has a relaxed and easy going style and so easily builds rapport, while at the same time challenging the student to reach their potential. His experience as an examiner brings another aspect to the session which you won’t find with many other tutors so he can explain to you exactly how you should answer each type of question and what you should include. Being in Dubai was never an issue, as he has also created a great platform for the tuition to take place where my daughters can both write and Sean can import questions which you can still look back over in between sessions. Both girls will be continuing with Sean for their A Level Economics. Sean is an excellent tutor and I would highly recommend him. ”


Nalinder K

“ “Fantastic tutoring that helped to teach with great clarity various topics that I needed to develop in economics, but also to help refine and perfect my methods to ensure top grades in exams. Also done in the best way I have experienced with a tutor using easy to use video calls and a connected online whiteboard. Came out with an A* and would definitely recommend Sean to anyone looking for help.”."

Tom T-E


I am an experienced professional and have faith in the quality of my work and how it is delivered, so you also have the added reassurance of my ‘No Risk Satisfaction Guarantee’, whereby if a student is not satisfied with the first tutorial then I will not charge you for it!

If you are happy then I would ask you to make a payment for a block of four lessons of which the first tutorial would be the first in that particular block

A free lesson is also given for each successful recommendation



I provide both "One-to-one online tutorials" (£40) or "Small Group online tutorials" (50% discount for second student). Please contact me for groups sizes of 3 or more students.

Other companies will offer lower prices but please check that the tutor is (a) a qualified teacher and preferably, (b) an examiner in the subject and not a university student looking to earn a bit of extra cash in their spare time.

As well as the tutorial itself, my fees cover all of my preparation time and resources used.



Please take a read of some of the resources below. If you would like me to cover a particular issue - get in touch


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How economics can be used to explain recent price hikes during Covid-19 (Example of a group online lesson)

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Government Intervention in Markets


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